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Absolutely, we work within many budgets and will find the right trip for you!

I do not consider my travel budget to be luxury, can I still work with you?

You bet. We offer our very own concierge service. Reach out, and we’ll explain more.

If I already booked my own vacation, can I still hire Dune to set up a custom itinerary?

Ideally, the best vacations are planned at least six months in advance, but we work with all timelines.

How far in advance should I plan a trip with Dune Travel Group?

We can still assist. Be sure to contact us directly regarding points and miles.  

What if I want to use points for a portion of my vacation?

No worries! We work to accommodate all travelers and pride ourselves on planning exceptional family travel.

What if I am planning to travel with children?

Hotel accommodations and flights can be reserved with a deposit most of the time. Custom itineraries are paid upfront.

Do I need to pay upfront?

In addition to one-time planning fees, Resorts/Cruises build in a commission to their pricing even if you don’t use an advisor. When you book through an advisor, you receive our VIP perks, and we receive a commission from the Resort/Cruise for bringing the business to them at no cost to you. Your price is never inflated in anticipation of an agent’s commission.

How does Dune make money?

By using a travel advisor, you’re allowing a professional to take on the booking process. Our relationships with our travel partners give us access to opportunities and perks our clients would not normally receive on their own. Who doesn’t love free perks like a free room upgrade, free spa treatment, $150 resort credit, and early/late check-in/out? We will pass on any hotel promotion as well. We help achieve VIP status. If 2020 taught us anything, a lot can go wrong before and during travel. We are here every step of the way for you: making your reservations, managing your itinerary, and ensuring everything goes perfectly. Plus, we can manage any last-minute changes or answer questions while you are away.

Why should I use a travel advisor to book my travel?

Yes and no. If you are simply looking for us to book your hotel to receive our VIP Virtuoso perks, there is no cost to you. If you are looking to have Dune design a custom itinerary or build a honeymoon package, there will be a planning fee.

Do you charge a service fee to book travel with Dune?


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